On the Issues

Property Tax Reform

By reducing state support for the Education Fund, the Legislature has shifted more of the financial burden for K-12 education onto the property tax over the past two years. As your representative, I will use my financial and accounting background to uncover these tax shifts, bring awareness to them, and fight to ensure that the state fully funds its commitment to educating our children – so we can reduce the property tax burden.

You can read more about my thoughts on property tax reform in this op-ed commentary.

Economic Growth

Lots of politicians talk about jobs. But if we are going to offer young Vermonters meaningful opportunities, we need to focus on economic growth strategies that lead to professionally and financially rewarding careers. As the father of two successful small businessmen, I understand that higher education is the first step for many career paths. As your representative, I will advocate for financial incentives to make college more affordable for Vermont families, and promote tax incentives to encourage the development and expansion of local small businesses.

Being a Community Advocate

Whether it’s helping low-income seniors obtain fuel assistance for the winter, or helping to bring state resources into our community after a natural disaster, an effective state representative works to solve problems in our local community. You can count on me to be accessible, dependable, and an effective advocate for you and your neighbors.

School Choice

Many communities in our region have elected to provide families with a choice of where their children go to school, while others have chosen to operate their own schools.  Over the past few years, various politicians, political action committees and lobbyists in Montpelier have been working hard to undermine our local decision-making authority.  I believe that these are local decisions that are best left to local voters, and will fight any attempt to take these rights away from us.