Bipartisan Endorsements

“For the past decade, we have been fortunate to be represented by thoughtful and highly effective centrists like Rick Hube and Oliver Olsen. I have known and worked with Tim Goodwin for many years. I believe he will follow their lead as our representative and work hard for our communities, which is why I will be supporting his independent candidacy this November.”

– Wayne Granquist, Weston

“I have known Tim Goodwin and his family for over thirty years. I had the privilege of teaching Tim and Sandy’s two sons at Flood Brook.  He and Sandy were devoted and interested parents and wanted the best for the school, as well as their children.  Working with Tim was a pleasure when he was on the School Board for several years. He was always knowledgeable, fair and consistent and willing to devote endless hours to serving the school community.  Oliver Olsen is a hard act to follow, but Tim is the perfect choice to do that.”

Connie Gutroff, Winhall

“Tim is a dedicated member of our community who we know and trust.  When he commits to doing something, he follows through and gets the job done.  He will be a great state representative.  His knowledge, experience, and calm demeanor will make him particularly effective.  He will for sure have my vote!”

Susie Wyman, Londonderry

“Tim understands what it takes to be effective in Montpelier — good relationships, attention to detail, knowledge of the issues, and a commitment to the community. I am proud to be supporting him.”

Rep. Oliver Olsen, Jamaica

“Tim will be a hard-working, passionate advocate for us. He has my full support, and I look forward to voting for him this November.”

Sam Lloyd, Weston (Former Democratic State Representative)

“Tim’s experience, coupled with his track record of service to our country and our community, makes him uniquely qualified to serve as our next State Representative. Tim has my support and my vote.”

Mike Bernhardt, Londonderry (Former Republican State Representative)

“The state legislature will face many significant challenges in the upcoming biennium. Vermont needs representatives that understand the complexities of solving problems on both a state and local level in order to meet those challenges. I believe Tim Goodwin will be that type of representative. The legislative district of Jamaica, Londonderry, Stratton, Weston, and Winhall has always had the distinction of being well represented in Montpelier, and I am confident that Tim will continue to honor that reputation.”

– Senator John Campbell, Senate President Pro Tem

“Tim has already demonstrated his commitment to working with legislators of all political stripes.  He is working to develop important relationships that will serve him and his district well.  Importantly, we need someone with Tim’s experience and financial savvy to help fight the stealth property tax increases we have seen.”

– Rep. Cynthia Browning, Democratic Vermont State Representative

“As a former school board member, a lister, and accountant, Tim’s expertise and knowledge of Vermont’s education finance system will be a real asset as we work to tackle the growing property tax burden.  His commitment to school choice is critical as well, given the continuing threat we face in Montpelier.”

– Rep. Patti  Komline, Republican Vermont State Representative